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Class Actions

Class actions are complicated and require management and administrative competencies in addition to first-rate advocacy skills.

Judges make sure that lawyers are properly qualified before being permitted to represent a class, and have high expectations for counsel on both sides. We know this firsthand – Zausmer has a history of both prosecuting and defending class actions for our clients with meaningful results.

Unlike traditional courtroom litigation, class actions pose management and administration hurdles that many law firms simply are not equipped to handle. Not only do we have the talent and resources to address these challenges, we also have a network of local and national firms with which we have joined forces with to ensure that our clients receive the very best representation.

We’ve been involved with various class action matters. Some examples of recent matters we have handled have been based on:

  • Environmental law
  • Insurance policy and coverage
  • Consumer advertising and products liability claims related to regulated and
    unregulated products
  • Antitrust
  • Overtime claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act

When it comes to class action litigation, the stakes are guaranteed to be high and the consequences can go well beyond damages and settlement dollars. The fact that we litigate class action matters is testament to our success and capabilities.

Attorneys in this Practice Area

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