Zausmer Honors Arab American Heritage Month: Janetta Ksar

In honor of Arab American Heritage Month, which celebrates Arab American heritage and culture, Zausmer is highlighting several attorneys at our firm. The first is shareholder Janetta Ksar.

Janetta is originally from Jordan, with several first cousins, aunts, uncles, and family still residing there. “To me, my Arab American heritage is about culture, diversity, and history,” Janetta said. “Many people do not realize that the Arab American heritage encompasses many religions, languages, history, and people.”

Janetta shared how her Arab American background impacted her life in the United States and as a lawyer. “I frequently refer to my identity as “living on the hyphen” (aka the hyphen between Arab-American),” Janetta said. “There is this duality with my Arabic heritage and American upbringing that can sometimes be difficult to navigate.” She explained that it is essential for her to be cognizant of her family’s history and heritage while also staying true to her American roots.

To support efforts to increase the representation of Arab Americans in the law, “people should educate themselves about the Arab American heritage and set aside the preconceived notions and stereotypes that are commonly associated with being Arab to understand the culture better.” Janetta shared her advice to more junior Arab American attorneys and law students: “stay true to who you are, believe in yourself, and be proud of your heritage.”

Zausmer appreciates and values the many talents and perspectives that each individual brings to the firm and recognizes that our ability to attract and retain attorneys and staff members with diverse backgrounds is fundamental to our success. A well-balanced workplace and diverse culture not only enriches the quality of life for our employees, but also enhances the excellent service we provide to our clients.


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