Zausmer Shareholder Janetta Ksar Presents Webinar for the Michigan Defense Trial Counsel

Zausmer Shareholder Janetta Ksar participated in a webinar for the Michigan Defense Trial Counsel (MDTC) on April 12.

The webinar, entitled Collecting the Dirt: A Guide to the Preservation, Collection, & Admissibility of Digital Evidence, provided a legally defensible path to collecting, preserving, and authenticating data for evidence admissibility.

Janetta’s presentation revolved around the admission of electronic evidence and discovery in the form of social media, surveillance, cell phone data/app downloads, cell tower GPS locations, Fit Bits/Apple Watches (i.e., activity trackers), and infotainment systems in cars. Additionally, her presentation covered how to obtain that evidence, properly lay a foundation for its admissibility, admitting it into evidence, and presenting it to a jury.

MDTC is an association of the leading lawyers in the State of Michigan dedicated to representing individuals and corporations in civil litigation.

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