Casual for a Cause: Bethany Christian Services

Zausmer attorneys Kate McCarthy and Adrian Acosta recently led an effort to raise money and seek volunteers for Bethany Christian Services (BCS), a global nonprofit organization that brings families together and keeps families together.

On Friday, June 22nd, the firm went “Casual for a Cause” in support of BCS, raising nearly $2,500 for this worthy cause.

BCS services include adoption, foster care, and pregnancy counseling. It also provides counseling to families, assists refugees and immigrants resettling in the U.S., and partners with several international countries to help keep families together.

Over the past several months, thousands of children have been separated from their parents at the Mexico-United States border. Many of the children went to camps in Texas, but about 50 children were flown to Michigan and were put in the care of BCS. This large influx of children was more than BCS was equipped to care for, and BCS was in need of money and volunteer assistance.

Kate and Adrian took the funds to BCS along with two boxes of school supplies and toys soon after this significant fundraiser. To learn more about the Bethany Christian Services, visit


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