Non-Profit &
Human Services

Non-Profit &
Human Services

Many of our clients provide needed mental health services and assistance with daily living activities to a high-risk population. When these clients become involved in litigation, they turn to us.

Our expertise in working with non-profits and human services providers is well-known, and includes:

  • Extensive representation throughout the entire state
  • Access to leading local and national experts in medical and scientific fields associated with the operation of human services corporations
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the legal and regulatory frameworks in which these corporations, business entities, and professionals operate

Non-profits and human services providers across Michigan trust us with their litigation matters, and we don’t let them down.

We are immensely proud of the results we obtain, such as:

Estate of John Doe v Anonymous Adult Foster Home

A high profile trial attorney filed suit against a local adult foster home alleging wrongful death as a result of medication intoxication. Our attorneys tapped the firm’s vast medical and scientific expertise to show that the death was not actually related to medication intoxication, but was instead a result of natural causes. After we hired a nationally known forensic pathologist associated with a major state crime lab who provided a favorable report, the trial attorney dismissed the case outright, avoiding the need for a trial or settlement.

Estate of Jeffries v Wedgwood Christian Services

A foster child was permitted to swim with friends at a local lake while the foster parent watched from the cab of his pickup in the lake’s parking lot. Tragically, the foster child drowned. When the child’s foster care licensing and credentialing agency was sued, our attorneys obtained an early summary dismissal prior to taking any depositions. Protracted litigation was avoided, as was the need for an expensive and lengthy trial.