Our lawyers understand the transportation industry and the challenges faced by motor carriers, commercial transportation companies, and all businesses regulated by the United States Department of Transportation.

We routinely represent these clients in all types of litigation, including accident defense, employment matters, and contract issues.

Transportation claims are complex, and require the skill and knowledge of seasoned attorneys who are well-versed in the regulations and litigation strategies that inevitably arise. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of DOT regulations, as well as our familiarity with state and federal courts and courtroom procedures. As with all areas of the firm, our core values permeate the Transportation Law Practice Group, and we focus on providing expertise in this complex area of law. Our lawyers have years of experience in handling these matters, and are uniquely qualified to provide the knowledge and roadmap for tackling any issue confronting our clients.

As to accident defense litigation, our lawyers understand the complexities involved in these cases, and formulate unique litigation strategies designed to combat common tactics utilized by the plaintiffs’ bar. The primary goal in litigation is to assure our clients’ businesses are protected throughout the litigation process. Our lawyers understand juries and judges, and we use our experience and knowledge to assure the case is ready for trial or alternative resolution. You can find our transportation lawyers routinely presenting to clients and industry leaders, describing our forward thinking approaches to litigation, and specific strategies to combat certain types of claims.

Our team also takes a proactive approach and focuses on keeping our clients’ operations running smoothly and without incident prior to litigation. With a preemptive approach to safety, we regularly advise clients regarding best practice preventative safety measures intended to mitigate risk, as well as how to understand and implement complex motor carrier safety regulations. We help to ensure our clients’ businesses are in compliance with federal and state guidelines, and are well-positioned for the long-haul.

Transportation companies need to be prepared to face litigation in the event of an accident. Our transportation lawyers are well-positioned to respond to serious liability lawsuits. We work closely with clients and insurers to craft strategic litigation tactics intended to limit their exposure, control costs, and assure the best possible outcomes.