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Diversity Policy

Zausmer is strongly committed to having a diverse workforce within our firm that reflects the vitality of the clients and communities we serve. Recognizing that diversity creates a more creative and inspiring working environment, we welcome persons of different races, cultures, religions, nationalities, sexual orientations and genders.

Zausmer does not tolerate discrimination in any form, and is committed to increasing diversity, consistent with the overall objectives of the firm.

Zausmer appreciates and values the many talents and perspectives that each individual brings to the firm and recognizes that our ability to attract and retain attorneys and staff members with diverse backgrounds is fundamental to our success. A well-balanced workplace and diverse culture not only enriches the quality of life for our employees, but also enhances the excellent service we provide to our clients.

Zausmer actively promotes opportunities for minorities and women. The firm pursues minority and women attorneys for leadership roles and has many minority and female partners.