Malpractice &
Professional Liability

Malpractice &
Professional Liability

When physicians, nurses, social workers, and other health and mental health care professionals need first-class legal representation, they turn to Zausmer and our decades of experience in Malpractice and Professional Liability law.

Our attorneys have an exceptional record of success in health care litigation.  Whether the goal is to win a summary dismissal, a jury verdict, or to obtain a favorable settlement, we possess the specialized medical and scientific knowledge needed to successfully achieve our clients’ goals.  We have strong relationships with top experts throughout the country who consult on these cases and testify on our clients’ behalves.

We also help health care professionals protect their licenses and business interests as they navigate highly regulated health care fields.  In court, before an administrative law judge, in front of a medical review board, or with a hospital or medical center, our attorneys routinely provide:

  • Malpractice and professional liability defense
  • Peer review prosecution and defense
  • Representation of health care professionals before various licensing boards, agencies, and entities

We take great pride in the outcomes we achieve for our clients, which have included:

Estate of Oberdorf, deceased v The Guidance Center

A psychiatrist and licensed Master Social Worker were wrongfully accused of mismanaging Mr. Oberdorf’s medications, neglecting his need for ongoing therapy, and ultimately failing to prevent his suicide.  We obtained summary dismissal of the case prior to trial, exonerating the two health care professionals while sparing them from a lengthy and stressful trial.

Anonymous v Anonymous Local Surgeon and Hospital (pre-suit settlement)

When a teacher underwent a laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery, the physician mistakenly used a surgical stapler fitted with the wrong size anvil.  When the stapler was fired to create the necessary gastric anastomosis, the device became stuck, similar to the way an everyday desk stapler malfunctions when too many sheets of paper are used.  The short laparoscopic procedure was converted to a multi-hour open procedure, causing extensive damage to internal tissues, extensive scarring, an infection, and a bypass that was less successful than intended.  Our attorneys obtained a substantial pre-suit settlement, avoiding the costs and strain of protracted litigation.

State Medical Review Board v Jane Doe, M.D.

When a physician was accused of serious HIPAA violations, we counseled her regarding license review procedures, prepared a comprehensive and well-documented response to the allegations, and helped her successfully avoid disciplinary action or any adverse consequences to her medical license.