Casual for a Cause: Paulina, the Future Service Dog

Zausmer attorneys and staff recently made casual day meaningful by chipping in to help a disabled man and his dog, Paulina, who was desperately in need of medical help.

Limited by a physical disability, Paulina’s owner, Michael, wants to have her certified as a service dog, and has already taught her basic commands on his own. Recently, however, Paulina was stricken with Parvo, a disease with a tragically high mortality rate if not quickly treated.

In an effort led by Matt Cross, the Zausmer family donated $610 to help Michael pay veterinarian bills, with Matt matching every dollar raised with a dollar of his own. We are happy to report that Paulina is now back at home, on the mend, and on the road to service dog certification.

Every other Friday, Zausmer goes “Casual for a Cause,” allowing attorneys and employees to dress down in exchange for a donation to a designated charity. A different charity is selected each time – if you have a suggestion for a worthy cause, please let us know!

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