Elevating Our DEI Initiative with Dr. Lee Meadows

In a step toward actualizing our DEI goals, Zausmer engaged Dr. Lee Meadows for an in-depth Sensitivity Training program.

In the fall of 2023, Zausmer took a significant step in enhancing our workplace culture by hosting a Sensitivity Training program for all employees. Our facilitator, Dr. Lee Meadows is known for his expertise in organizational behavior and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). His decades-long tenure at Walsh College is distinguished by innovative teaching methods and a deep commitment to developing effective communication and leadership skills. In preparation for the training, Dr. Meadows conducted in-depth discussions with 12 Zausmer employees, ensuring the program aligned with our firm’s unique environment and needs. This preliminary engagement allowed Dr. Meadows to pinpoint both strengths and areas for growth. Bringing his wealth of knowledge to Zausmer, Dr. Meadows provided a training experience that combined theoretical knowledge with real-world applications tailored to our firm’s needs.

Fostering Enhanced Communications: Insights from Dr. Meadows

Dr. Meadows set the tone for the sessions by inviting each participant to introduce themselves, creating a foundation of transparency and mutual respect. The sessions were designed to deepen our understanding of the impact of workplace communications on employee interactions, team dynamics, mentoring opportunities, and staff development.

Addressing the post-2020 shift in workplace interactions, Dr. Meadows shed light on the challenges of remote work and the importance of conscious communication. He emphasized the intricate balance between rights and responsibilities, urging us not to neglect the latter.

A significant portion of the training focused on understanding and addressing implicit biases. Dr. Meadows stressed the importance of emotional safety in the workplace, urging us to be mindful of both our biases and their manifestations.

Group Discussions and Takeaways

Through respectful small group discussions, we explored strategies to mitigate biases. The consensus? Relationships are the cornerstone for effective DEI initiatives. They foster an environment where discussions can take place openly. The sessions culminated with a compelling call to action: learn, reflect, and adapt behaviors to cultivate a more inclusive and understanding workplace.

The training with Dr. Meadows was a launchpad for ongoing dialogue at Zausmer. It reaffirmed our commitment to a respectful, inclusive, and emotionally safe work environment. As we continue to implement the lessons learned, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Meadows for steering us toward a more aware and empathetic workplace.


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