John Lewsley and Breanne Patton Present on Michigan Highway and Utility Rights-of-Way

Zausmer attorneys John Lewsley and Breanne Patton delivered a webinar on Michigan Highway and Utility Rights-of-Way.

During the January 16 and January 23, 2024, webinar presented by HalfMoon Education Inc., Zausmer attorneys John Lewsley and Breanne Patton gave participants the opportunity to gain a thorough understanding of highway rights-of-way, with a focus on the distinctions between public and private roads in the state of Michigan. The highway easement session emphasized the mastery of practical skills in negotiating and valuing rights-of-way, equipping professionals with valuable expertise. Participants learned about critical aspects of Michigan’s legal landscape, such as alterations and encroachments, through discussions on landowner rights.

The utility webinar also provided attendees with an understanding of various types of utility easements and the facilities involved, including electricity, water, natural gas, and telecommunications. The session encouraged participants to consider their projects in a broader perspective and provided practical advice on managing projects from the planning stages through their useful life.

Professional engineers, attorneys, land surveyors, and certified planners earned continuing education credits from this webinar, making it a highly relevant and beneficial opportunity.


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