Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) afflicts millions of people worldwide.

While there is no means to prevent it and currently no cure, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation aims to change that by cultivating grassroots support, developing scientific knowledge, and building strong partnerships with industry and academia to fund necessary research.

An autoimmune disease, T1D causes one’s pancreas to stop producing insulin, a hormone the body needs to process food and get energy. Though T1D’s causes are not entirely understood, scientists believe genetic and environmental factors play a role. Those living with the disease must regularly monitor blood-sugar levels, inject or continually infuse insulin, and carefully balance insulin doses day and night. Despite this constant management, people with T1D face the risk stroke, blindness, kidney disease, heart attack, and amputation.

In support of the JDRF’s effort to drive research that improves technology on the path to finding a cure, on July 8th Zausmer collected funds from attorneys and staff through its “Casual for a Cause” program. Shareholder Andrea Johnson upped the ante by matching others’ contributions, boosting the overall donation substantially.

To learn more about T1D and ways you can help, click here to visit the JDRF Metro Detroit/Southeastern Michigan Chapter website.


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