Mischa Boardman and Devin Sullivan Offer Tips on “Avoiding Bumps in the Road” if Litigation Looms for Right-of-Way Projects

ZAC shareholders Mischa Boardman and Devin Sullivan recently presented on the acquisition of the right-of-way for road projects at the County Road Association of Michigan’s 4th Annual Legal Issues Symposium in Mt. Pleasant.

Acquiring the right-of-way is often one of the most expensive and litigious components of road improvement projects.

Mischa and Devin, joined by Matthew Wilson, the deputy general counsel for the Road Commission of Oakland County, presented “Avoiding the Bumps in the Road: How to position yourself for litigation or prevent it altogether.” They offered best practices for acquiring right-of-way, including setting the stage for condemnation if necessary.

The County Road Association’s symposium also offered insights into two other areas that continually raise questions for road agencies: the responsibilities of county road agencies and county drain commissioners, including conflicting or overlapping priorities between them, and crisis management, such as whether an agency is protected when providing mutual aid.


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