Zausmer Celebrates Women’s History Month

Women’s History Month is an annual, month-long celebration of women’s contributions to history, culture, and society.

Recently, Zausmer attorneys Nicole Gettler and Talitha Mahome, paralegal Brenda Schooley, and legal assistants Kathy Collings and Christine Jacobson participated in an internal panel discussion. This panel covered topics such as what it is like working in the legal field, motherhood, and the advice they would give other women.

To begin, Nicole and Talitha shared their views on what it is like being a female attorney. They see more women representation now, as things have changed in the legal field for women over the past 20 years. “There seem to be more female attorneys on the bench in the circuit courts nowadays,” Nicole said.

Balancing motherhood and being a full-time employee was also a topic of discussion. “Being a mother while maintaining a career is very challenging, but I also believe it is extremely important for my children to see my strength and dedication,” Christine said. “Having flexibility is key to surviving motherhood while working. Being at a firm that allows flexibility is essential since you never know when something will come up with your kids,” Nicole said.

The discussion concluded with the panelists sharing advice they would give to a woman beginning her career. “You need to stand up and say something if something is wrong. Don’t keep everything inside; make sure you let people hear your opinions, let your voice be heard,” Kathy said. Talitha shared with the group the advice she gives her daughters: “you deserve to be in the room as much as the next person. Make sure you project your confidence and your personality.”

Zausmer has a strong history of honoring and promoting the many excellent women in our firm. Our executive management committee is comprised of a majority of women, we have many women shareholders, and nearly half of our attorneys are women.


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