Shareholder Nathan Scherbarth Discusses MOAA in Law360 Feature

Zausmer’s Appellate Team Leader Quoted in Law360 Article on Michigan Supreme Court Procedure.

Shareholder Nathan S. Scherbarth, who leads Zausmer’s appellate team, was recently quoted in a Law360 article exploring Michigan Supreme Court’s unique MOAA procedure. The article, titled “Mini Arguments Loom Large On Mich. High Court’s Docket” by Carolyn Muyskens, sheds light on the unique practice of “mini oral arguments on the application” (MOAA) in Michigan’s highest court.

The MOAA procedure allows Michigan’s Supreme Court to hear abbreviated arguments in cases without officially granting leave to appeal. According to the article, MOAAs have become the bulk of the court’s oral argument docket, drawing both attention and scrutiny from legal practitioners.

Commenting on the MOAA procedure, Nathan highlighted the advantages of MOAAs, noting that they provide the court with flexibility in disposing of cases by allowing for a closer examination of legal issues before committing to a decision. Nathan emphasized the importance of oral argument and supplemental briefing in helping the court determine the suitability of a case for review.

Read the full Law360 article here.


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