Zausmer Associate Danielle DePriest Co-Authors Wayne Law Review Survey of No-Fault Litigation

Zausmer associate Danielle DePriest recently co-authored a survey of no-fault litigation for the Spring 2018 edition of the Wayne Law Review.

Highlighting the most important decisions issued by Michigan courts over the past year, Danielle’s article demonstrates the sea change that has occurred in recent no-fault litigation.

Entitled “No-Fault Litigation in a Post-Covenant Era,” Danielle reviewed the various approaches that Michigan courts have taken to resolve questions relating to no-fault litigation. Of note was the Michigan Supreme Court’s abrogation of medical providers’ rights to direct causes of action against insurers.

In addition to medical provider litigation, the courts paid particular attention to fraud and rescission cases. Danielle’s article also illustrated the changes to third-party bodily injury litigation and how courts have continued to refine and reframe issues that are not specifically addressed by the No-Fault Act.

The implications of these decisions will likely lead to even more refinement of no-fault issues by the courts over the next few years.


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