Zausmer Attorneys Participate in Michigan’s Premier Energy Innovators Conference

Six Zausmer attorneys participated in the 12th Annual Michigan Energy Innovators Conference, contributing their expertise to advance discussions on Michigan’s evolving clean energy legislation and policy.

The 12th Annual Michigan Energy Innovators Conference was a nexus for energy efficiency advocates, industry experts, and policymakers. The conference focused on Michigan’s commitment to leading the advanced energy industry and highlighted the recent enactment of a historic clean energy package that positions the state at the forefront of economic leadership and innovation in this critical sector.

The event showcased Michigan’s strategic moves in clean energy legislation, emphasizing the state’s role in driving economic innovation in the energy sector. Led by Shareholder Stephen Estey, Zausmer attorneys, including Breanne Patton, Danielle DePriest, John Lewsley, Doug Johnson, and Brenden Prather, were at the forefront of discussions on navigating the latest legal landscapes that shape the future of energy. They engaged in critical conversations about legislative advancements and strategies to address existing challenges to sustainable energy practices.

As Michigan strides toward an efficient and sustainable energy future, Zausmer remains committed to expertise and client service in this area. Together, we aim to champion innovative energy policies and practices and sculpt a landscape where clean energy thrives.


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