Zausmer is Proud to Join with ITC Holdings Corp. to Support MSU’s InnovateGov

Zausmer recently teamed up with its valued client, ITC Holdings Corp., to provide financial support for Michigan State University’s InnovateGov program.

InnovateGov is an experiential learning program within the College of Social Science. A 10-week summer program, InnovateGov uses MSU’s most vital resource – its diverse and motivated students – to serve in a variety of Detroit civic organizations, providing human capital to take on high-impact projects that are vital for rebuilding the city.

Students are placed in eight non-profits and in more than a dozen Detroit local government departments to work on projects designed to improve the quality of life for many Detroiters. Among the issues they have tackled since 2014 are chronic absenteeism, property foreclosures, and small business development. One of the program’s highlights has been its outreach process to help prevent property tax foreclosure for thousands of Detroit residents.

Since the start of the program in 2014, nearly 150 interns from over 20 MSU academic units have worked to deliver high-impact projects to civic partners in over 30 Detroit civic organizations.

“Our firm is proud to support this program, which delivers important services to Detroiters from talented and engaged students,” said Mischa Boardman, a Zausmer shareholder and charter member of MSU’s College of Social Science Consortium on Female Leadership.

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