Racquet Up Detroit

Kids learn many life lessons through athletics, although most people would never think that the sport of squash could provide the backdrop for those experiences.

Racquet Up Detroit is a unique program that supports and empowers our city’s youth so they can achieve their full potential. Although students learn the sport and compete in local and national events, the program reaches beyond the squash court to promote fitness, literacy, academics, community service, and mentoring, and to build up their self-esteem.

During the academic year, participants go to “practice” for three hours a day, at least three days every week. They spend an hour playing squash and doing athletic drills, an hour of studying where they can also receive tutoring, and an hour of literacy development, consistent with a set of core values called “I-CARE” – Integrity, Concern for Others, Appreciation, Respect, and Effort.

Racquet Up Detroit, along with other groups across the country that use the same model, has delivered outstanding results. To date, more than 90% of participants who remain in the program through high school go to college, and more than 100 students have been admitted to selective private high schools with full funding. Additionally, participants have received more than $20 million in high school and college scholarships, and hundreds of students have squash rankings at the state and national levels.

On October 13th, Zausmer went “Casual for a Cause” to support Racquet Up Detroit and its mission of empowerment. Associate Steve Hurvitz and his wife matched a substantial portion of attorney and staff donations. Many thanks to them and the entire Zausmer family for their generosity.

Please visit the Racquet Up Detroit website to see videos about Racquet Up Detroit and the work that it does in our area, and to learn how you can volunteer or donate.


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