Zausmer Associates Danielle DePriest and Kyle Warwick Co-Author Wayne Law Review Survey of No-Fault Litigation

Zausmer Associates Danielle DePriest and Kyle Warwick recently co-authored a survey of no-fault litigation for the Spring 2019 edition of the Wayne Law Review.

In a year where Michigan courts looked everywhere from footnotes in the landmark Covenant opinion to case law from the 19th Century to find clarity when analyzing new issues, Danielle and Kyle’s article showcases the significant tidal change in the state of no-fault litigation
in Michigan.

In addition to making sense of the post-Covenant landscape, Danielle and Kyle reviewed the courts’ treatment of public concerns regarding fraud, issues surrounding the rights of policyholders and non-policyholders alike, and questions regarding what constitutes proper notice of injury to insurance carriers.

As the dust settles from Lansing’s recent reform of the nation’s most anomalous no-fault statute, insurance carriers and insureds will look to the courts for further guidance as this area of the law continues to evolve.

Kyle Warwick’s ability to understand and frame complex issues makes him an important part of our Insurance Coverage and Insurance Defense practice groups.