Theresa Bodwin and Elizabeta Rumery Obtain Summary Disposition based on Fraud

Theresa Bodwin and Elizabeta Rumery recently obtained summary disposition for a valued firm client in a matter that involved misrepresentations by the named insured.

The insured was involved in an automobile accident and later complained of back, neck, and jaw pain, as well as headaches and dizziness. The insured also claimed he was unable to work because of the accident and claimed that he required assistance with household chores.

After the deposition of the individual that allegedly provided replacement chore services to the insured revealed that the services were never provided, Theresa and Liz filed a motion for summary disposition.  The motion argued that the replacement services claim and other aspects of the case were fraudulent.

The court found that the insured acted fraudulently, including with respect to his post-accident abilities and limitations, and dismissed the case.  Notably, the client and the firm investigated fraud in this case for over a year before obtaining a favorable outcome.


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